CalWeek 2021

Welcome to GamesCrafters!

The UC Berkeley GamesCrafters research and development group was formed by Dr. Dan Garcia in 2001 to explore the fertile area of combinatorial and computational game theory. At the core of the project is GAMESMAN, a system developed for solving, playing and analyzing two-person, abstract strategy games (e.g., Tic-Tac-Toe, or Chess).

The GamesCrafters Tournament

Hello and welcome to the official GamesCrafters 2021 tournament!

Do you have the game playing skills needed to be the champion of the games? In order to be considered for the tournament, you will play five games on our system: Sim, 6x4 Connect 4, Snake, Zero to Ten and Misére Tic Tac Toe!

Follow this link to enter the tournament now!

Meet the GamesCrafters (Past Event)

Come and talk to Dr. Dan Garcia and the GamesCrafters!

  • Date: Friday, April 30, 4-5pm PDT

The Beauty and Joy of Binary Numbers (Past Event)

We will teach you some computer science through an interactive example, a magic trick, and show you the secret behind a very famous game so you’ll never lose again!

GamesCrafters Student Projects Spring 2021

Parallel Team

Members: Anton, Aryan, Jordan, Justin, Kevin, Max, and Will

Web Team

Members: Avery, Chris, Vanya, Nala, Cynthia, Austin, and Darren

Puzzles Team

Members: Anthony, Mark, and Mia

iGamesMan Team

Members: Sina

Dynamic Instructions Team

Members: Vanya


Members: Chris

9 Mens Morris Team

Members: Cameron, Nisha


Members: Chris

Discover more about GamesCrafters here!