GamesCrafters Demonstration
Cal Day, 2004-04-17

2004-04-17 @ 10am

"Welcome to the 2004 Cal Day presentation by the GamesCrafters undergraduate research and development group!"

Reman Child, Greg Bonin, Damian Hites and Cynthia Okita demonstrate their matador handout technique.

What a turnout! This was what the room looked like early on in the day.
This was the scene about an hour later!
Elmer Lee explains the overall architecture of the GAMESMAN system to a visitor.
Jonathan Tsai plays Shift-tac-toe with a young friend. Often visitors wanted to play the real games before diving into the software simulations. I think you're losing, Jonathan!
Nelson Bradley, our newest GamesCrafter, helps another young student navigate the GAMESMAN seas.
Tic-tac-toe still holds appeal, especially when playing the misÚre variant!
De Bono's L-Game was one of the most popular games during the demonstration, capturing the attention of players aged junior...
GCCD06 senior!
Two future Cal students enjoy a rousing game of Slide-N.
This mother and son team delighted in playing each other in the L-Game over and over (ignoring the computer's value-move advice)!
2004-04-17 @ Noon

Whew! What a day for our GamesCrafters demo team! Until next year...

Back Row: Alex Wallisch, Robert Liao, Kevin Duncan, Cynthia Okita, Damian Hites (team lead), Michel D'sa
Front Row: Rach Liu, Jonathan Tsai, Elmer Lee, Michael Chen, Reman Child