Tic Tac Chec

Tic Tac Chec

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Tic Tac Chec was created by Dream Green.

The Board

The board is a 4x4 chess board

The Pieces

Chess Pieces: Pawn, knight, bishop and rook.


To move: Pawn: A pawn may move one space forward, except when it captures a piece it may move diagonally one space forward. Knight: A knight moves one space forward or backward and then two space left or right or it moves two spaces backward or forwards and one space left or right. Bishop: The bishop may move diagonally in any direction in any number of spaces. Rook: The rook moves vertically or horizontally any number of spaces as long as long as it does not have to jump over another piece.

To win: Get four of your pieces in a line before your opponent.

Players alternate turns placing a piece on the board or moving one of his already placed pieces. Players may only move their pieces once they have placed at least 3 of their 4 pieces on the board. Pieces move as in normal chess, and capture according to normal chess rules. Captured pieces are returned to the opponent's pool of pieces.





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