Creating Your Own Gamesman Module

  1. Read About Gamesman
    • Explore this website a bit more.
    • Sign up for Sourceforge and connect to us via CVS.
    • Learn how to use CVS if you don't already know how to use it
  2. Install Gamesman
    1. At your UNIX Compatible shell, run
      % ./configure
    2. Next, run
      % make
      You're done!
  3. Choose Your Game
    • Design What Game You Want To Code.
    • Resources:
      • Elwyn Berlekemp, John H. Conway, and Richard K. Guy. Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays, Volume 1,2. Academic Press Inc., 1982. (red and blue books)
      • Franco Agostino and Nicola Alberto DeCarlo. Intelligence Games. Simon and Schuster, 1985.
      • Andrea Angiolino. Super Sharp Pencil & Paper Games. Sterling Publishing Co, Inc., 1995.
      • John D. Beasley. The Mathematics of Games. Oxford University Press, 1989.
      • R. C. Bell. Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations. Oxford University Press, 1979.
      • R. C. Bell. The Boardgame Book. Exeter Books, 1983.
      • Robbie Bell and MIchael Cornelius. Board Games Round the World: A Resourse Book for Mathematical Investigations. Cambridge University Press, 1988.
      • Gyles Brandreth. The World's Best Indoor Games. Pantheon Books, 1981.
      • Matthew J. Costello. The Greatest Games of All Time. John Wiley & Sons, 1991.
      • Jon Freeman. The Playboy Winner's Guide to Board Games. Playboy Press, 1979.
      • Frederic V. Grunfeld. Games of the World : how to make them, how to play them, how they came to be. UNICEF, 1975.
      • Karl-Heinz Koch. Pencil & Paper Games. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1992.
      • Pentagram. Pentagames. Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1990.
      • David Pritchard. Brain Games. Penguin Books Ltd., 1982.
      • Eric Solomon. Games with Pencil and Paper. Dover, 1993.
  4. Create Variants For Your Game
    • Think of other rules for your game.
  5. Code Your Game
  6. Design Your Graphics Interface
    • Decide How You Will...
      • Draw Your Pieces
      • Interact With Your Pieces
      • Display All Of Your Moves At Once (Through value-moves)
  7. Code Your Graphics Interface
    • Learn Tcl/Tk. We use Tcl/Tk to run the Gamesman graphics interface.
    • Code Your Tcl file in the $GAMESMANROOT/tcl directory. Take a look at preexisting files for ideas.

You're done!