1, 2,...10

1, 2,...10

1, 2,...10

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1,2,...10 is a simple puzzle game that involves moving a counter one or two spaces. 1,2,...10 has several variants, including the 1,2,...4 and Henry Ernest Dudeney's 37 Puzzle Game.

The Board

Any simple board that has ten slots to place counters. This game is also known as a pencil and paper game, so the board can easily be drawn on a paper.

The Pieces

This game can be played with one counter or a supply of counters if players want to keep track of each other's moves. Players can also use a pencil to write down the total count.


To move: A player may either move one or two spaces on their turn.

To win: To be the first player to reach 10 or to force.

The rules here assume that each player is sharing one piece and raising the total sum using the same counter. If players want to keep track of their individual moves, they may use several counters as they increase the total count. The first position on the board is numbered one.

1,2,...10 board

Players take turns placing their pieces, increasing the total by one or two. For example, if the first person places his piece on the 2nd spot, the total is at 2. The next player then raises the total by taking the piece and moving it by either one or two spots. If the player places his piece at the 4th spot on the board, then the total is at 4 (he moved two spaces).

1,2,...10 board with pieces

The play continues until one player reaches a total count of 10.






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