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L Game's humble beginnings started during a dinner conversation between Edward de Bono and mathematician Professor Littlewood. Both agreed that, chess was difficult because of its complexity and many pieces. De Bono who loves to play games but hates to focus on many pieces took up the challenge to create a game that required skill, yet was also fun and simple to play. The result was L Game. There are 2,296 distinct board positions or 18,268 if rotations and reflections are counted.

The Board

The 4x4 board has 16 small squares.

The Pieces

Each player has a 3x2 L-shaped piece that covers four of the squares and there are two neutral pieces.


To move: First select the L that represents the position you want for the L piece. Next, you may move a neutral piece onto the board.

To win: To maneuver the opponent into a position where he cannot move his L piece.

The board starts out with two L pieces positioned in the middle of the board. One neutral piece is on the upper left hand corner of the board and the other on the bottom left hand corner.

L game

The first person takes his L-piece and places it on the board in a position where at least one of the squares vacated must be different from the previous position. At the end of the turn, the player has the option to place one of the neutral circles on any open square. Players alternate turns until one player cannot legally place his L-shaped piece on the board.

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