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No one knows who invented Joust, however, Gerry Quinn learned of it by playing it on the Amiga. He then coded a Windows version and released it online, which is how most people have learned of this game. Whoever did invent this game appears to have drawn inspiration from the well-known Knight's Tour puzzle. In this puzzle a knight must traverse an entire chessboard by making legal moves and never landing on the same square twice.

The Board

The board is a 8x8 grid of squares. The color of the squares alternate black and white. It is essentially a chess board.

The Pieces

The pieces are one black chess knight and one white chess knight.


To move: Move as a chess knight moves. That is, move one square horizontally or vertically in relation to its current position, and then move one square diagonally in the direction that the piece moved horizontally or vertically. Pieces may jump over opposing pieces. Once a piece has moved, the square it used to occupy can no longer be the landing spot of any piece. This is referred to as "burning" the square.

To win: To force the opponent into a position where he or she cannot move.

Starting Position: Each knight starts on a random square of opposite ranks (rows) on the end of the board. Begin the game with randomly placing a knight on one rank on the edge of the board. The other knight is then randomly placed on the rank that is on the other edge of the board. The first player then moves the knight as it moves in chess. The players alternate making moves while making sure that they do not land in squares that have been burned. A player wins when his or her opponent is no longer able to move.






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