Four Field Kono

Four Field Kono

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Four Field Kono is a Korean capture game that is played on points.

The Board

The board consists of four vertical and horizontal lines intersecting to create 16 points.

The Pieces

Each player has 8 pieces of a different color. The pieces are placed on the points in the first two rows. Every intersection on the board should be covered.


To move: The first player makes a move by making a capture. He jumps over his piece and lands on his opponent. Players alternate turns capturing each other's pieces. If there is no capture possible, then the players move along the lines to an adjacent open point.

To win: The person to capture all of their opponent's pieces wins.

Players start out by deciding who goes first. The first player begins by jumping over one of his pieces to land on the opponent. The captured piece is removed from the board. Players alternate turns capturing each others pieces. If there is not capture available, players may move along the lines to an open adjacent spot. The game is over when either one player has captured all of his opponent's pieces or when a player cannot move. If it is the case when a player cannot move, then the person with the most captures is the winner.





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