Dino Dodgem

Dino Dodgem

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Dino Dodgem is based off the game Dodgem by Colin Vout. The game is published by Binary Arts.

The Board

4x4 grid

The Pieces

Each player get three dinosaurs (green and purple).


To move: Players are not allowed to jump, move diagonally or move into the opponent's starting area.

To win: Be the first player to get all three of their dinosaurs off the other side of the board.

Each player places their dinosaurs on the posts that match their dinosaur color: green dinosaurs are placed on the green posts and purple dinosaurs are place on the purple posts. Each player takes turns moving their pieces forward by one space. They may not move backward, or diagonally. Blocking, however, is allowed and is considered a key part to winning the game.



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