Sim, like many pencil and paper type games was probably passed on by word of mouth. Unfortunately, when this occurs some information about the game is lost, including the author of the game.

The Board

Draw six dots and connect all of the dots to each other with a line. The shape of the board after connecting the outer dots will be a hexagon.

The Pieces

Two different color pens to mark the lines.


To move: Form a line by connecting any two dots with your color.

To win: Force your opponent to complete a triangle with his own color.

Also known as Honeycomb, Sim can be finished in less than 15 moves. The game starts out with six dots or vertices. Each dot is connected to the other dots by a neutral line, forming a honeycomb pattern. Players take turns connecting 2 of the 6 dots with their color by coloring one of the neutral lines. A line cannot be drawn or colored twice. The objective of Sim is to force your opponent to form a triangle with their color. This does not include the small triangles that are formed within the honeycomb. Rather, the triangle must be created by connecting 3 of the outer vertices with one color. The first player will always lose while the second player may win if the game is played perfectly.





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