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Topitop is a wooden game created by Thierry Denoual and is made by BlueOrange Games.

The Board

The standard Topitop board is a 3x3 grid of squares. Starting position: Nothing on the board. Each player chooses a color and gets 2 buckets of that color.

The Pieces

There are four different basic pieces in Topitop - red buckets, blue buckets, small sand piles, and large sand piles. The sand piles belong to any player. A sand castle or "castle piece" can be made by placing a small sand pile on a large sand pile. A "bucket piece" can be made by placing a bucket on a small sand pile. Lastly, a red/blue sand castle can be made when a bucket is on a castle piece. Only buckets and pieces with a specific color bucket on it are in control of the respective player.


To move: Each player takes turns making one valid move and CANNOT reverse the opponent's move that was just made.
1) Place one of your buckets or one of the small or large sand piles on any free space on the board
2) Move one of your buckets or any small or large sand pile already placed on the board from one square to another (one space at any time in any direction)
a) Any piece already on the board can be moved to an adjacent free space.
b) A bucket can go on top of a small sand pile.
c) A small sand pile can go on top of a large sand pile.
d) A small sand pile with a bucket on its top can go on top of a large sand pile.
e) A bucket can go on top of a sand castle.
NOTE: You CANNOT place a piece on top of another piece (from off the board to on top of a piece already on the board). Pieces must be MOVED on top of other pieces
3) Move any combination of sand piles with your buckets on top, or any sand castle, to any free space.

To win: Be the first player to have two buckets on top of two sand castles (small sand pile on large sand pile).

Whoever is blue goes first. The players alternate making legal moves. Whenever a player cannot make a legal move, he or she passes the turn to the other player.






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