Atari Go

Atari Go

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Atari Go was first introduced by Yasuda Tasutoshi, an 8 Dan professional Go player. It is a 2 player, simplified version of Go, invented especially for beginning players to learn about the tactical fundamentals of Go.

The Board

The game of Go is played on a grid board. The size of the board may vary depending on the players' preference. Some can be 19x19, 13x13, 9x9, etc.

The Pieces

There are two colored stones, black and white.


To move: A move consists of the player putting one of their pieces on an empty intersection of the board.

To win: The first player to capture one or more pieces (depending on how many pieces you and your opponent want) wins.

The rules for Atari Go are similar to those of regular Go. The player with the black stones moves first. Both players alternatively move, however, once a stone is placed on the board, the player is not allowed to move it. The only way that stones can be moved is being captured. Capturing is when one f your or your opponent's piece is surrounded.


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