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Fandango is a fast action 2 player game.

The Board

Each player puts 22 pieces in the spaces indicated. Black pieces are placed on the black dots, and white pieces on the white dots. The central space is left open.

The Pieces

There are 44 pieces total, 22 for each player. One player is all white, while the other player is all black.


To move: During each turn, the player moves one piece in any direction along any line, into a vacant space.

To win: The goal is to capture all of the enemy's pieces.

Players can capture an opponent's piece in forward or reverse, but always along the same line that the movement is made. If the player's move gives either a withdrawal or approach capture, that player must choose. The player cannot choose both captures. After a capture is made, the player's piece may be in a position to make another capture. If another capture is available, the move must be made. The player must keep moving on a single turn, as long as each move is a capture, and no successive captures are along the same line.






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