Hasami Shogi

Hasami Shogi

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Hasami Shogi is a variation of Go-Bang, a popular child's game in Japan.

The Board

The board is a standard shogi board, which is a 9x9 grid of squares.

The Pieces

There are 9 white shogi pawns for one player and 9 black shogi pawns for the other player. Because shogi pawns have something written on the other side in red for promoting in normal shogi, usually the player with the black pawns will flip his or her pawns over to make it easier to distinguish.


To move: Pieces move as many squares as they want in any perpendicular direction, limited only by the edge of the board and by the presence of other pieces. This is exactly the same as the way the standard chess rook moves. To Capture: You capture by sandwiching your opponent's pieces. This means that for any number of pawns they have in a line, if after your move you have a pawn on each side of this line, you capture all of those pawns. This is referred to as custodian capture. You may only capture horizontally or vertically. However, if you move in between two of your opponent's pieces, your piece is not captured. A player captures only if they create the custodian capture position during their turn. Capturing means actually removing the pieces from the board.

To win: You win when your opponent only has one piece left.

First, both players place all of their pawns on opposite ranks of the board. Then whichever player is first makes the first move. Players alternate until one player's number of pieces is reduced to one, in which case the other player has won.


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