Rubik's Checkers

Rubik's Checkers

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Rubik's Checkers is a game that is similar to checkers. The popular Rubik's games were originally invented by Ernö Rubik.

The Board

The standard Rubik's Checkers board is a variable grid of squares. Starting position: A specific number of kings for each player on opposite sides of the board.

The Pieces

There are two pieces - kings and men. Kings become men when jumped over by a king.


To move: Each player takes turns making one valid move. Valid Moves: Kings may move diagonally, forward, or backward. A king may jump over an opponent's piece if the space it jumps to is empty. Multiple jumps are possible (like in regular checkers). When a king jumps over an opponent's king, that king is demoted to a man. If the king jumps over an opponent's man, then that man is removed from the board. When a player's king jumps over the same player's man, that man is promoted back to a king. A man may only move backwards, not forward. A man cannot jump or capture any piece. On your turn, a piece in your home row may be promoted to a King.

To win: Eliminate all of the opponents pieces or prevent them from moving.

Players alternate making legal moves.






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