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Seega has a long history and is still played in present day Egypt.

The Board

The traditional board is 5x5 with the center square left empty. The modern version of seega is a 3x3 board.

The Pieces

Each player has one different color. In the modern version of the game each player has only 3 pieces while in the traditional version, each player has 12 distinct pieces.


To move: In the traditional version of the game, the first player places two pieces on the board. The second player then puts his two pieces down in corresponding positions. Then players alternate placing two pieces on any vacant square.

To win: To get five pieces in a row. Or in a different version of the game, to capture your opponent's pieces.

The first player puts two pieces down anywhere on the board. The second person who places his two pieces down in corresponding positions. Playing alternately, the players put two pieces down on any vacant square. The first person to get five in a row wins. If no one was won after all 24 squares are placed, then the first player tries to make a line of vie by replacing his opponent's piece with one their pieces. If they can get five pieces in a row, then the first player wins. If not, the square that was tried becomes empty and the second player tries to make a line of five. If the second player cannot make five in a row the game is a tie. Another version of the game involved capturing. Players first place two pieces on the board. After the four pieces has been placed (2 from each player), then they alternate placing one piece on the board. After all the pieces have been placed, the person who has placed the last piece on the board tries to capture his opponent's pieces. A piece may move horizontally and vertically only. The center square can now be used, but it is immune from attack. A piece can only be captured if it becomes sandwiched between two of your pieces. Captures can only occur on horizontal and vertical lines and if an opponent moves his piece between two of your pieces, it is not considered a capture.





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