Tile Chess

Tile Chess

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Tile Chess is a chess variant that was made by Jason Wittman during the late 80's as part of a project for his art class. This game is a cross between chess and dominoes.

The Board

The standard Tile Chess board is infinitely big. Starting position: Nothing on the board. Each player chooses a color and begins placing pieces down, one at a time, taking turns to do so. The pieces must be connected to each other (either adjacent to a piece of your color or an opponent's).

The Pieces

There are 16 tiles for each color (player) and consists of all chess pieces (king, rook, queen, pawn, bishop, and knight).


To move: Each player takes turns making one valid move. Valid Moves: All pieces move in the same was as regular chess, with a few exceptions. You may jump over your own pieces with pieces other than the knight. Pawns can move, as well as capture, forwards and backwards. In addition, you cannot capture a piece and make an island (a piece that is not connect to the main link of pieces).

To win: Checkmate the opponent's king. If playing with more than 2 players, then when one player is checkmated by you, you gain control of his or her tiles.






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